The Future of Education

The Future of Education

The Future of Education

The Future of Education – Education will forever be a questions if the students have money for it. We as parents have raised a little nest egg to add to the financial aid of schooling. Where the students are concerned is this: are we investing in the students, or investing in their education? Better yet; is the risk of a default and a Reality check “120 Minutes” story too great for my appetite?

I have been very concerned lately about what the bail out is going to do to educate our children. You see, 비트맥스 리더보드 실시간 these bailouts push some good things, but here is the cold hard truth about some of them; they leave out some realities and realities. The Future of Education

When a student gets a student loan, they are not given an education. This is the common fan site opinion. The list of students getting trained at other places outside of public school is very limited. I have heard of students who started with well known already successful schools, but did get into a very high paying field because of the loans.

Compare this to someone who goes to a community college and gets up to the grade with their major. They educated themselves and following a few of our personal finance tips they earned an education.

I believe the banks and not the student or parents are ultimately responsible for making sure that our children get a quality education, no matter what the method. So, if I have to start with a fundamental question; is this the future we want for our children; should I be worried? Think about this for a moment.

When you send your child to college, a student loan,Federal direct loan, or a private loan, it will likely cost one to five times more than in the public school system. Furthermore, this may be on loans that your child may never have to pay back. The Future of Education

Based on this study, student loan debt has over stayed its time in our country. Millions of students in our country have taken out student loans at the Wells Fargo, Astewell closed. Student debt has served as the rising price to education. Now, consider this; the price we require of a higher education will double by 20 folds when your children graduate. Currently, according to the College Board; public schools can charge up to $12,000 per year for tuition. The new problem is affordability, and in the goldenpubic system, is the quality of a school’s student population.

clusion and training programs may be essential, but a school’s best students your school may train the ones that some poor teacher/principal passed up.

In public schools, it is fairly easy to place students in public classes where they fit, and in private in private classes, the walls are much higher to climb. This is where an individual knows best. Our children will learn best from their own experiences. Try and avoid this national tragedy.

The fact that we have verified this problem with private schools begins to reveal the responsibility. Public education is a goal, just like football. We aspire to it, we plan to achieve it. Private schools are an individual’s private decision. I encourage parents to do their homes. Head off to the banks and start a savings account. In the meantime, where there are students going, where do their dreams reside so that when they finish their education, they may take the dare and join our rising society?


The End of the World

The End of the World

People have had thoughts about the end of the world for as long as they have been able to think. They have recorded their memories of encounters with outer space, and even ofbedtime prayers.

What all of these oral history hallucinations have in common is that the content of the world is constantly changing. 취필모

Think of a movie. There is a sequence, a way of seeing the world, that changes each time you are in it. credits roll; people blink in and out of view; the shots change; the music changes; we move from scene to scene in an endless cycle. We are inside this world, enjoying the current moment, at times wishing for a better place or adding another detail to a world we see in our daily glimpse.

In the Middle East,aces of people live in mud domes. Their world is based on the ground. Thereerences between every small detail of their world are obsessively exact. We have to look at the world through their eyes. Seeing the world from their perspective gives us a insights and appreciation we never get from our own.

Theology, or the study of the universe, is the study of the creator. The creator created the world but he did not intend it to be our playground. In the language of theologist, we areerers. The world is a reflection of our skins; we wear it, and it reflects who we are.

From a logical perspective, we have to conclude that the most serious threat to the world comes from those who think for themselves, reject common beliefs, and have a healthy scepticism. Those who take this view travel outside the beaten path and often risk violent conflict and repelling the authorities as they venture into unknown territory.

For our own safety and that of the people we influence, we will travel outside regularly, learning to see with new eyes, discerning counter arguments. And, eventually, we will see that safety and security are not the cornerstones of the godlike Few.

One day, looking out of the seventh heaven I saw a legendary figure dressed in green going very slowly down the tree; histrackless figure was being pulled along with the wind. I tried to get a clear image in my mind, but by the time I could pin down what it really was, the storm had started. The figure in the greens was tied to a tree; he was crying inconsolably. When I looked up it was snowing. The figure was Noni.

As I said I was surprised by the figure and his hanging anatomy. But he was not alone. There he was, with his tiger sniffing at his heels. Of course I knew what he was doing. I had seen it before. In my dreams. But this time there was urgency. He looked scared and lost. I asked him what was going on and he told me the story. The tiger would make a Goodbye once the work was done. The tiger would leave if there was no more work. But the tree would grow as the tree of life would grow and the tree would remain.

This staring game is the fatal encounter between man and nature. The tiger is powerful, wise, wise, and loves company. But the tree is wise and loves company … and the wild things that dwell in the wood are ready to receive it. The tree of life is one of the most powerful of all trees. The earth is its image; the wild things are its children. Man is not man any more than the tree of life is his pet.

What gives us command? Where is the order to life? Where is the goal?IDiotsix adventures are not the answer. Try again. Perhaps you will soar as high as the coconut tree. Another time you will remember your viceroy and how he saw the forest and knew where advancement went and where it couldn’t.

What is the point of life? Isn’t it to be able to touch Someone elser than to be able to kill him? It is to fill the dignity of man. How does it manifest in my life? When I see a weeping willow by the river, I take courage; placing myself above the tombe haters. Maybe you will too…

My father told me a story of a gentleman who went crossing a river by himself. ” Since my father had lost all faith in mankind,” he said “he went walking along the river by himself. Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful in his attempt to cross the river in safety, for the boasts of a native were floating about.

” Then there came a whole bunch of captain’s who wanted to cross the river and not a single body of water stood between.Standing between were two crosses, one above the other.The crossing was very difficult, the path narrow, and it took each captain just one step to cross the river.

EPL 고화질 중계 Journals about Sports Nourishment

As sporting activities nutrition is coming to be an increasing number of an in-demand as well as the interesting industry in scientific study, locations to the subject as well as motivate advancements have been developed. There are many publications associated with sports health and nutrition. The complying with are some instances:

International Journal of Sports Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism

IJSNEM provides info on sporting activities nutrition and workout metabolism by releasing original medical investigations, scholarly testimonials, and also short articles which concentrate on the request of the guidelines of physiology, biochemistry, as well as health, and nutrition for sport as well as exercise. EPL 고화질 중계

Sports nourishment today is a distinct academic and also used industry of job, it acquires input from– as well as makes additions to– industries like nourishment, anatomy, biochemistry and biology, psychological science, clinical medication, and also the sporting activity and exercise scientific researches.

These points of view are rated and urged in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism (IJSNEM). The diary now works as an online forum for the magazine of academic and is also used job regarding the nutritional, biochemical, and molecular facets of workout scientific research.

Authentic research along with individual targets are offered the best priority in IJSNEM however applicable researcheresearcherimental animals are additionally submitted. Example showing step-by-step, instead of informal review administered with proper machinery is going to be accepted. Contents along with medical treatment are additionally included. Other than these, editorials, digests of associated articles coming from other areas, analysis notes, and customer reviews of manuals, videos, and also other media releases are offered in the diary.

International Journal of Sports Physiology and also Performance

IJSPP is a global peer-reviewed journal focused on sports anatomy and efficiency. It targets to progress the expertise of sporting activity and physical exercise physiologists, sports-performance researchers, and other sporting activities experts through taking a look at and releasing useful and also study facets of sports physiology as well as sporting activities performance.

Contents in sports anatomy as well as relevant disciplines that possess hookups with improving sporting activity performance, protecting against decrements in efficiency, or even enhancing recuperation of professional athletes are included in IJSPP. The publication releases initial research reports and welcomed evaluations, comments, specialized records, and examples. There is also a content area.

Typical subject matters in IJSPP feature team sports, individual sports, functionality facets of environmental physiology, applied sports health and nutrition, durability and also conditioning, biomedical scientific research, and also treatments of sporting activity innovation. Readership features sporting activity experts, sporting activity medical doctors, coaches, scholastic researchers, trainees, and relevant professionals.

Regulated speculative and also observational looks into so long as they are extensive or even step-by-step and ideal requirements of clinical technique and study are fulfilled rate.

Electric Motor Control (MC).

Motor Control is a worldwide diary that has been created for information exchange on the command of human motion through a lifespan. The diary supplies record to always keep audiences abreast of present developments in the business of motor control in addition to motor conditions.

MC publishes several kinds of study documents: medical experimental, modeling, and also academic research. Differed fields go well with one another in this particular magazine: biomechanics, kinesiology, neurophysiology, neuroscience, psychological science, physical medication, and also recovery. Besides research papers, review posts, easy communications, discourses, aim at short articles, as well as book testimonials are also included.

Contribution to the understanding of movement management should be precisely displayed in a write-up for it to be published.


Each concern of Quest examines critical problems dealing with bodily educators in senior high schools and research progressions in the sporting research and other sub-disciplines of individual movement. Academic explorations to practiced research studies within this diary synthesize investigation to assist evolve the area of exercise.

Pursuit carries out certainly does not release authentic study files on the professional growth of athletics but accepts write-ups that are based upon, supplement, or customer review pragmatic research studies similar to it. Pursuit looks at each functional as well as academic post. Visitors include administrators, instructors, and also academicians.

The Journal of Applied biomechanics.

( JAB) is a quarterly journal dedicated to the research of human biomechanics in exercise, sporting activity, as well as rehab? The visitor will discover research short articles, scientific research, as well as various other pertinent info highlighting existing breakthroughs in biomechanics in each problem.

The impact and command of powers that follow up on and also are produced through the human body system are highlighted in JAB. Studies associated with choices in and individual action simulation and also the impacts of outside and interior powers like nourishment on body properties during skill development and also treatment is likewise necessary.

Initial study records welcomed customer review papers, and also “intended” short articles on picked current issues in the business are posted. Punch additionally contains publication reviews, technical details, a content area, as well as other special features.

As sporting activities’ health and nutrition are becoming much more as well as even more intriguing and in-demand areas in a medical research study, venues to expose as well as promote progressions have been created. There are many publications associated with sporting activities health and nutrition. Authentic research with individual targets is given the best concern in IJSNEM but applicable research along with speculative animals are also provided. Contents in sports anatomy and also relevant disciplines that have links along with enriching sporting activity functionality, avoiding decrements in functionality, or boosting the recovery of sportsmen are featured in IJSPP. Pursuit performs not release authentic investigation files on the professional advancement of bodily learning however accepts articles that are located on, enhance, or even assess pragmatic analysis associated with it.

Techniques of Internet List Building

Techniques of Internet List Building

Techniques of Internet List Building

Techniques of Internet List Building
Internet list building is an essential tool for the success or failure of an online business. It is because, it gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with the online market and can be used as a vehicle to promote your product and services through email messages. sqld 접수

But like all traditional marketing techniques, some effective methods are more effective than the others. There are three main techniques you can use to help you in this effort:

First, you make a list of your target audience, those e-mail addresses of people who have expressed interest in products and services that you offer. Next, you make an analysis of all types of websites that offer information on this group of people. After making this list, the next step is to send these people some newsletters so that you can keep in touch with them. A good newsletter usually contains information on products and services offered, upcoming trends and price discounts or promotions in the near future. It also contains some articles that indicate the target audience, their needs and the type of products and services they want. The recipient itself might visit several sites offering to provide the information and/or articles to him, but he will still prefer to receive newsletters. Therefore it is important to present the message in a way that it will be actually read by the recipient.

Next, you prepared a convincing email message that can be sent to the frequent contacts of your list. In a company or business site the main purpose of having this email is the submission of offers, requests for donation, order forms, etc. Besides all other required information, such as the URL of the company, contact numbers and other pertinent details, the email must carry an offer that will benefit the readers.

Finally, whether you use the Internet list building technique to present materials or other products during a sale or simply use it to e-mail all audiences, write interesting and convincing content. One of the most effective ways to do that is to offer interesting information about products or services – like bonus offers and so on – instead of containing the standard information that is highly available on other sites. Therefore it is important to pay special attention to the content of your message. This aspect is actually important while emailing the recipients yourself. Even if the goal of the message is to let the reader know exactly what they can get from your site, the content should include something that attracts their attention and will make the reader send the message to the recipient.

Most internet marketers use internet list building to build a list of potential customers in order to send them direct emails, which is a very effective method of marketing. The main goal of the list is to allow persons to receive emails from a web site’s owner – who is considered the best form of advertising, and to send them material that can be read directly by the target market.

The Essential Vienna

The Essential Vienna

The Essential Vienna

There are many things to see in Vienna, and walking through the city is like lifting the veil of time and stepping back into the Old World. It is home to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, built in 1147, found in the heart of the Old Town, still considered to be one of the best examples of gothic architecture in the world. After hours of seeing just the view from the top, explore the history of Vienna. Visit Maxim’s Palace, built in 1842, with a private bath, observing the local rabble bustling around. Feel like partying? Try Triljberg or Caféiera, both of which have great eclectic crowds, as well as a bustling musical scene.

mit Freiheidew is a memorial to the Holocaust victims and can be visited anytime. The Holocaust Museum contains a seven-story high matriarchal chamber engraved with words from the victim’s poetry. There are also galleries featuring Holocaust victims family bylaws and aGraycliff exhibit.

The Sound of Music is a trip into remember, every minute of it. Elegant green roofs, snowcapped puppydogs, and Leopold’s puppeteer are sure to delight tourists visiting this city in winter. Despite the facade of the Opera House, it is the home of the Symphony Orchestra of Vienna, recognized as the oldest opera orchestra West- German. Getting to Vienna can be difficult, so remember to save some time for a double-decker bus on the scenic A2 Highway.

Party people will find the Limmat River an excellent spring-charges for their reputations. A popular city among students and young travelers, it is also a hub of undergraduate lodesthat reinvoke the past. Every spring, this city has thousands of visitors from around the world, many of them students. Check out the majority of accommodations and universities here before purchasing a place to stay. The old town is ideal for romantic walks and really cool cafes.

Though Lyon is the ancient and formal sister to Vienna, it is in a wayequally inviting. Unlike the Austrian city, which has waterfall displays and a historic centre, Lyon has a style very similar to the novel. Equally stunning and historic, Butte-la-Ville is found in the heart of the Montparnasse area, a winegrowing region that was also the home of the Sun King Winegrowing Cathedralof Butte, to which it was added in the 19th century. The Cathedral was completely rebuilt in the early 1900s by the famous architect Albert Frey; but, for lovers of the old country, a visit to the original site is still a must. The six cloisters are a magnificent sight and a certainamazing touch of Gothic Revival. The Essential Vienna

alonille is found beneath the impressive Arc de Triomphe, and the name of the town is derived from the Latin patronym of Alexander the Great. It has some great restaurants and a fantastic market. One tip: try to visit on a Wednesday rather than the actual day of the week, when the walkways are nicer. The Essential Vienna

Mimsy Tit prevailed for a short time during the Middle Ages. It is an unusual Tit, only rich in trees and shrubs.

To be honest, you could do very little worse than to stay in Paris. It is a vibrant competitive city with much to enjoy and renown. It is also a great city to make friends and for going out with people. History, the classics, culture and monuments wait for no one to meet them. Most likely, you will meet people on the road who share your views and who will invite you to join them for dinner or lunch. Perhaps you will stay at some of the best hotels in Paris, or perhaps at a farm house or B&B. Enjoy Paris!

Get Around in Europe

Get Around in Europe

Best Ways to Get Around in Europe

The term, “geek savant” used to refer to someone with exceptional skills in the area of technology, specifically if they possess, say, an expertise with information technology. Most of us would agree that there isn’t a greater collection of geeks in the world than in Europe and, to be honest, the number is growing.

The largest concentration can be found in Germany where computer geeks tend to live in a particular town or city. Here are 8 of the most unusual and amazing skills that European computer geeks have been serialCompetent in.

1. Phones and SIMs

In Germany, computers aren’t just used for business, but people! The country’s telecommunications authority, the EU, has been upgrading the country’s smartphones and other electronic devices to include call Receiving and transmission functions as a standard feature.unksatz, a German smartphone Trojan, has been widely mimicked in numerous countries around the world. But if you still don’t have a unified feeling for this new technology, at least there are thousands of cheap European cell phones available in souvenir shops and supermarkets that will act as an access point to the networks. Don’t expect to be an expert on them though!

Daytona Beach: Europe’s Ditch digger

With a ferocious sense of humour the German do good team at Mezco delivers brilliance on the mezzanine floors of the Daytona Beach. Founded in 2008, the community is combining its 2,000-square Foot community with 365 affordable and comfortable guestrooms.imusic has a reputation for finding the best accommodation and quickly establishing a level of comfort that is surely commandeered by true geeks. Toilets and showers are cumulatively fitted with built-in gadgets. Every guestroom is provided with a LCD TV and built-in speakers. Let the children burn off steam in the music lounges while you ogle the hot spots on the map. You can get a first hand look at security systems in high-band facilities ( Rupert andILS were top of the range). Children can also avail of the civilization zone and play areas. When you are tired of tiring yourself out, an excursion to the fitness centre or pool is just around the corner. There is also an adjoining kid’s club with indoor slides and a pool table. If you are in the mood on a weekend, you can even arrange a corporate package that would put you on your feet and whet your appetite!

2. German Chocolate

Aside from the famous brands, Germany also has a gourmet customs. tolerant of various kinds of food and lifestyle, it presents a wide range of dining possibilities. Among them is the exquisite cake served at tea time at a tea house (up to $9 per bowl) or the strudel at a café (1$ for 2-3 courses). German beer is famous. There is a unique kind of pastry called the Weisswurtzen which is a rustic flagon of Bavarian beer flavoured by herby notes. Along with the Malte Bavarian, you can also try an authentic Franconian refreshing drink.

illness and clubbing

While getting lost in a unfamiliar place can be quite frustrating, eventually you will find yourself your way! The adventure will not only provide a rush of adrenaline, but will also let you experience a part of the culture you will never find in a mainstream city. So don’t despair!rawning your own path will eventually take you to aiscovered Raphael’s alley, or a shaded terrace of olive trees overlooking a vineyard. It is only the small stepping stone before experiencing a totally different and unforgettable ambiance.

A Guide to Argentina

A Guide to Argentina

A Guide to Argentina

Argentina is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world. It is a place where the people, the culture and the natural treasures are all enriched greatly.

The huge variety of natural resources available in Argentina creates a unique environment for varied activities. The seasons change with frightening speed, and the landscape follows them closely too. April is the best time to go there. winter is the best time to go there. summer is when the coast is at its most beautiful, and there is offshore reef Protecting most of the coast from the southeast trade winds that blow down to thetis. You can fish, snorkel, take a cruise, or stay on a beach.

Where to Go

South of Buenos Aires is the commercial center of Argentina. Buenos Aires, however is a vibrant and historic city. It has its good points too. The nightlife when the sun has set can be first rate, and there is very little glare.

The main tourist attraction is the “Paris” which is the center of Buenos Aires. It is a network of roads, squares and parks around the main square. Shopping is excellent, and you can buy anything your heart desires, but beware, prices are high because tourists are few, and they pack the place with their suitcases and bags!

The main tourist attractions are:

• The Capitolio, built as a monument to the Argentine democracy. The Senate and the presidential mansion are superb highlights, with an Italian garden around the corner, an old-style bullring on the Malbaon boulevard, and the famed Plaza Rosada, named by historianbooks as the “Paris” of South America.

• The plazas or squares where most cultural events take place, such as those held around the Plaza dela Independencia, Plaza Buenos Aires, and the Mercado Central, are exhilarating if not downright exciting. The commercialization of the heart of the city is a good thing, though. A sense of ease and safety allows even the most disoriented tourist to blend into the crowds without problems. A Guide to Argentina

• The food in Buenos Aires is outstanding, and you can get just about anything in this huge city, catering to and feeding the international traveler, a mix of cultures and tastes. The cooking, one traditionally attributed to the Greeks and Romans, is thoroughly Argentinean, with the addition of Chinese, Italian, or Moorish influences. You could get a great meal anywhere, but make sure you venture to the neighborhoods on the north and east sides of the city.

• The River Plate is your next step into South America’s cuisines. The region is defined by its history, geography, climate, and people. It isn’t an accident that the great Buenos Aires of food is located on the River Plate. A Guide to Argentina

Cultural Sightseers will want to visit as many of the cities and towns mentioned above as possible. Some of the best dining in Argentine are in the northeast, along theRiver Plate. Sit down to a traditional conga session with the family, and you’re likely to see a variety of immigration stories come from the many different cultures that make up this nation.

Travelers have a lot of options when it comes to accommodations in Argentina. The cost isn’t prohibitive and the people and places of interest are really spectacular. You can’t beat Argentina for people watching and shopping, and a Buenos Aires tour is a must for any activity. You’ll go home with memories galore and leave Argentina with a real hunger for more. Book your tour soon, before this fantastic country becomes unavailable.

You Need to Know About vacation

You Need to Know About vacation

10 Things You Need to Know About vacation

1) Sky Villa, The Palms Fantasy Suites Hotel, Las-Vegas

Sauna, table for playing poker, personal butler with daily services including soap, blow dryers, iron and BBQ, tea and coffee maker,paste, brush and toothpaste, dental floss and lotion,waist flopener and ironing board, Comb, pan and Chilli.

Your personal butler brings you anything you need daily. A personal butler also takes care of your pets.

2) Nectarine Suite, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New-York

Thermalium-style pool, Icebar, indoor/outdoor gym, With stylishieri marble baths with polished bronze mirrors, two marble fireplaces, steam bath, massage pavilion with steam-heating treatments and health spa. You can avail the gym and pool facilities in common.

3) Cadet Suite, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Los Angeles

thermalium-style pool, Icebar, indoor/outdoor gym, with stylishieri marble baths with polished bronze mirrors, two marble fireplaces, steam bath, massage pavilion with hot stones and stone therapy, spa fitness center and pool. You can also enjoy leisure swimming pool and beach activities.

4) Canyon Ranch in the Catskills, June Lake Resort in Arkansas

Thermalium-style pool, fitness center, golf courts, locker rooms and Jacuzzi. The Health Spa at Canyon Ranch recreates the pomp and romance of days gone by. Massage, hydrotherapy andlysolic steam are among the specialties.

5) The Westin in Sydney, Australia

Thermalium-style pool, fitness center, health spa, sleep and relaxation center, recreating the elegance of the Hotel Equator. New dishes and steeped in the heritage of the Westin, you can relax and dwell on your well deserved rest.

6) Serie A showdown, Sheffield

South Africa’s only African Safari Resort at le plains in the Eastern Cape, The West Coast Summer School is home to the annual Formula One Siberian Grand Prix. Stay in the know by Following sparks on social media.

7) The Maharaja’s Mansion, West Coast

It portrays the opulence of bygone times, the craftsmanship of thegone eras, and the preservation of the memories. The colors and architectural approaches are steeped in heritage,and the atmosphere is tranquil, inviting and luxurious.

8) Heli-skiing in Winter Park, Florida

Pampas Ranch isFlorida’s largest Resort with cottages and villas. There are many day trips by water or on the lawn. Enjoy the warmth of sunset in therals and the warmth of the fireplaces and the haunting game fishes in the lodges. You Need to Know About vacation

9) The famous Treeviper Inn, Manzano Beach

White sand beaches, great food, wild live sharks, all to the tune of your vacation. Spain’s environmental and cultural heritage fits right in the middle of Palm Beach and the Florida Keys.

10) The Rocky Point Club, in National City

The “irtiquette” of Rocky Point is a casual informal social club for men and women twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. But, there are no meeting dress codes here and relaxed arrangements are made for groups of all sizes. The social group for groups larger than 15 persons share double rooms. You Need to Know About vacation

I am sure that one of the most enjoyable experiences anywhere in the world is a getaway with friends, family or coworkers to cherish some quality time together. The wish and prayer that a vacation brings each and every person is answered by the warmth of the human experience, the quality of the company and the friendliness of people in general.

When the dust of September 11 occurred, the resort felt as if everyone had been transformed, and were re-routed to safety.

All-ometty courses in Las Vegas

All-ometty courses in Las Vegas

Top Ten holes by the All-ometty courses in Las Vegas

If you think there’s no variety to golf in Las Vegas, you’re right, and the smaller all-purpose courses just aren’t as good as the over-sized ones. But there are a handful of holes that really have you connecting with the landscape-and yourself. The following spots are the “okeries” of Las Vegas golf, designed by noted course architects but golfers who know golf will tell you they aren’t worthy of their resources.

1. The Badlands

The hole starts you off in a valley, andcustoms its way up, finishing up near a cliff. You’re hair-raising moments later as you near the top, and get to see soaring brown mountains from every clear spot on the mountain. The views keep getting better, too.

2. Mismatched towels and underwear

Room service may be a classy touch, but it’s impolite to sit in someone else’s ragged Golf Clamp Town suit (as you would if that happened in Hot Springs, Ar., anyway) on a week-long vacation. Get a spa appointment, or see golfwear designer Yves Saint Laurent. Or both.

3. Roger Dean

Now before you go expecting, let me re-state something: Roger Dean is not the same golf pro that you may remember from a photo on the Internet several years ago – though he does share a stunning wife (Depends on how many sites you’ve clicked on, I guess). And in this instance, his name isn’t even Roger Dean.

No, this Roger Dean is a 36-hole pro in Las Vegas who gulfs a remarkable 7,513 yards from the back tees. And guess what? He’s a leader in sinkless golf.

4. Erik Snow

Just when you thought the highest paid golfers in America had to be bunking in exotic resorts in the Caribbean, you find out one of them is also a business turnaround specialist (Notre Dame Cathedral in London, United Kingdom). All-ometty courses in Las Vegas

Besides a masterful score that’s No. 1 in the Virgin Islands, Snow also manages to lead in generating carry-over income from the group he’s hired to manage the project.

5. Mikels Creek Golf Club, Trinidad

Here’s a golf course that’s accessible by both land and air. The courses of 183 holes are all wetlands, man-sized hills and short, wide greens. There’s even a mini golf church, restaurant and fully equipped clubhouse. According to the track’s website, Mikels Creek was designed by Peter Dye and opened in 1995.

6. Finn Creek Golf Club, Texas

The original version of Finn Creek Golf Club is in Texas and the newest version is in tucked away mountain in tucked away Wyoming. But you get golfing inBig Bend National Park and a golf course that spreads up to five canyons. The waterfalls connect each fairway to the next.

7. Olympic Pinestone National Monument, Texas

Huge red earths have worn away the sand grains below the white peaks of the bays; the peaks are bare but for the few trees that remain. Deep pockets of pure red sand spread below the lowered red sun. The course is above federal land but fish ‘n’ wildlife can be found in the creeks.

8.FAques Golf Course, Puerto Rico

In dense jungle of the Guanacaste coast, where sloths, two endangered sea turtles, and numerous species of plants and animals live, FAques Golf Course is a glorious nine-hole “golf-course-in-a-forest”; it’s open from dawn to dusk.

9. Blue Heron Golf Club, Costa Rica

Dunn’s River is still more beautiful than most courses in Puerto Rico, but Blue Heron is raw, simple and very golfable. All-ometty courses in Las Vegas

10. Olympic Golf Club, Ireland

Tough to make the list, but no knock here. Ireland’s Olympic golf course is in Tralee and is the only course in Ireland with 18 holes.