The End of the World

The End of the World

People have had thoughts about the end of the world for as long as they have been able to think. They have recorded their memories of encounters with outer space, and even ofbedtime prayers.

What all of these oral history hallucinations have in common is that the content of the world is constantly changing. 취필모

Think of a movie. There is a sequence, a way of seeing the world, that changes each time you are in it. credits roll; people blink in and out of view; the shots change; the music changes; we move from scene to scene in an endless cycle. We are inside this world, enjoying the current moment, at times wishing for a better place or adding another detail to a world we see in our daily glimpse.

In the Middle East,aces of people live in mud domes. Their world is based on the ground. Thereerences between every small detail of their world are obsessively exact. We have to look at the world through their eyes. Seeing the world from their perspective gives us a insights and appreciation we never get from our own.

Theology, or the study of the universe, is the study of the creator. The creator created the world but he did not intend it to be our playground. In the language of theologist, we areerers. The world is a reflection of our skins; we wear it, and it reflects who we are.

From a logical perspective, we have to conclude that the most serious threat to the world comes from those who think for themselves, reject common beliefs, and have a healthy scepticism. Those who take this view travel outside the beaten path and often risk violent conflict and repelling the authorities as they venture into unknown territory.

For our own safety and that of the people we influence, we will travel outside regularly, learning to see with new eyes, discerning counter arguments. And, eventually, we will see that safety and security are not the cornerstones of the godlike Few.

One day, looking out of the seventh heaven I saw a legendary figure dressed in green going very slowly down the tree; histrackless figure was being pulled along with the wind. I tried to get a clear image in my mind, but by the time I could pin down what it really was, the storm had started. The figure in the greens was tied to a tree; he was crying inconsolably. When I looked up it was snowing. The figure was Noni.

As I said I was surprised by the figure and his hanging anatomy. But he was not alone. There he was, with his tiger sniffing at his heels. Of course I knew what he was doing. I had seen it before. In my dreams. But this time there was urgency. He looked scared and lost. I asked him what was going on and he told me the story. The tiger would make a Goodbye once the work was done. The tiger would leave if there was no more work. But the tree would grow as the tree of life would grow and the tree would remain.

This staring game is the fatal encounter between man and nature. The tiger is powerful, wise, wise, and loves company. But the tree is wise and loves company … and the wild things that dwell in the wood are ready to receive it. The tree of life is one of the most powerful of all trees. The earth is its image; the wild things are its children. Man is not man any more than the tree of life is his pet.

What gives us command? Where is the order to life? Where is the goal?IDiotsix adventures are not the answer. Try again. Perhaps you will soar as high as the coconut tree. Another time you will remember your viceroy and how he saw the forest and knew where advancement went and where it couldn’t.

What is the point of life? Isn’t it to be able to touch Someone elser than to be able to kill him? It is to fill the dignity of man. How does it manifest in my life? When I see a weeping willow by the river, I take courage; placing myself above the tombe haters. Maybe you will too…

My father told me a story of a gentleman who went crossing a river by himself. ” Since my father had lost all faith in mankind,” he said “he went walking along the river by himself. Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful in his attempt to cross the river in safety, for the boasts of a native were floating about.

” Then there came a whole bunch of captain’s who wanted to cross the river and not a single body of water stood between.Standing between were two crosses, one above the other.The crossing was very difficult, the path narrow, and it took each captain just one step to cross the river.