A Guide to Argentina

A Guide to Argentina

A Guide to Argentina

Argentina is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world. It is a place where the people, the culture and the natural treasures are all enriched greatly.

The huge variety of natural resources available in Argentina creates a unique environment for varied activities. The seasons change with frightening speed, and the landscape follows them closely too. April is the best time to go there. winter is the best time to go there. summer is when the coast is at its most beautiful, and there is offshore reef Protecting most of the coast from the southeast trade winds that blow down to thetis. You can fish, snorkel, take a cruise, or stay on a beach.

Where to Go

South of Buenos Aires is the commercial center of Argentina. Buenos Aires, however is a vibrant and historic city. It has its good points too. The nightlife when the sun has set can be first rate, and there is very little glare.

The main tourist attraction is the “Paris” which is the center of Buenos Aires. It is a network of roads, squares and parks around the main square. Shopping is excellent, and you can buy anything your heart desires, but beware, prices are high because tourists are few, and they pack the place with their suitcases and bags!

The main tourist attractions are:

• The Capitolio, built as a monument to the Argentine democracy. The Senate and the presidential mansion are superb highlights, with an Italian garden around the corner, an old-style bullring on the Malbaon boulevard, and the famed Plaza Rosada, named by historianbooks as the “Paris” of South America.

• The plazas or squares where most cultural events take place, such as those held around the Plaza dela Independencia, Plaza Buenos Aires, and the Mercado Central, are exhilarating if not downright exciting. The commercialization of the heart of the city is a good thing, though. A sense of ease and safety allows even the most disoriented tourist to blend into the crowds without problems. A Guide to Argentina

• The food in Buenos Aires is outstanding, and you can get just about anything in this huge city, catering to and feeding the international traveler, a mix of cultures and tastes. The cooking, one traditionally attributed to the Greeks and Romans, is thoroughly Argentinean, with the addition of Chinese, Italian, or Moorish influences. You could get a great meal anywhere, but make sure you venture to the neighborhoods on the north and east sides of the city.

• The River Plate is your next step into South America’s cuisines. The region is defined by its history, geography, climate, and people. It isn’t an accident that the great Buenos Aires of food is located on the River Plate. A Guide to Argentina

Cultural Sightseers will want to visit as many of the cities and towns mentioned above as possible. Some of the best dining in Argentine are in the northeast, along theRiver Plate. Sit down to a traditional conga session with the family, and you’re likely to see a variety of immigration stories come from the many different cultures that make up this nation.

Travelers have a lot of options when it comes to accommodations in Argentina. The cost isn’t prohibitive and the people and places of interest are really spectacular. You can’t beat Argentina for people watching and shopping, and a Buenos Aires tour is a must for any activity. You’ll go home with memories galore and leave Argentina with a real hunger for more. Book your tour soon, before this fantastic country becomes unavailable.