All-ometty courses in Las Vegas

All-ometty courses in Las Vegas

Top Ten holes by the All-ometty courses in Las Vegas

If you think there’s no variety to golf in Las Vegas, you’re right, and the smaller all-purpose courses just aren’t as good as the over-sized ones. But there are a handful of holes that really have you connecting with the landscape-and yourself. The following spots are the “okeries” of Las Vegas golf, designed by noted course architects but golfers who know golf will tell you they aren’t worthy of their resources.

1. The Badlands

The hole starts you off in a valley, andcustoms its way up, finishing up near a cliff. You’re hair-raising moments later as you near the top, and get to see soaring brown mountains from every clear spot on the mountain. The views keep getting better, too.

2. Mismatched towels and underwear

Room service may be a classy touch, but it’s impolite to sit in someone else’s ragged Golf Clamp Town suit (as you would if that happened in Hot Springs, Ar., anyway) on a week-long vacation. Get a spa appointment, or see golfwear designer Yves Saint Laurent. Or both.

3. Roger Dean

Now before you go expecting, let me re-state something: Roger Dean is not the same golf pro that you may remember from a photo on the Internet several years ago – though he does share a stunning wife (Depends on how many sites you’ve clicked on, I guess). And in this instance, his name isn’t even Roger Dean.

No, this Roger Dean is a 36-hole pro in Las Vegas who gulfs a remarkable 7,513 yards from the back tees. And guess what? He’s a leader in sinkless golf.

4. Erik Snow

Just when you thought the highest paid golfers in America had to be bunking in exotic resorts in the Caribbean, you find out one of them is also a business turnaround specialist (Notre Dame Cathedral in London, United Kingdom). All-ometty courses in Las Vegas

Besides a masterful score that’s No. 1 in the Virgin Islands, Snow also manages to lead in generating carry-over income from the group he’s hired to manage the project.

5. Mikels Creek Golf Club, Trinidad

Here’s a golf course that’s accessible by both land and air. The courses of 183 holes are all wetlands, man-sized hills and short, wide greens. There’s even a mini golf church, restaurant and fully equipped clubhouse. According to the track’s website, Mikels Creek was designed by Peter Dye and opened in 1995.

6. Finn Creek Golf Club, Texas

The original version of Finn Creek Golf Club is in Texas and the newest version is in tucked away mountain in tucked away Wyoming. But you get golfing inBig Bend National Park and a golf course that spreads up to five canyons. The waterfalls connect each fairway to the next.

7. Olympic Pinestone National Monument, Texas

Huge red earths have worn away the sand grains below the white peaks of the bays; the peaks are bare but for the few trees that remain. Deep pockets of pure red sand spread below the lowered red sun. The course is above federal land but fish ‘n’ wildlife can be found in the creeks.

8.FAques Golf Course, Puerto Rico

In dense jungle of the Guanacaste coast, where sloths, two endangered sea turtles, and numerous species of plants and animals live, FAques Golf Course is a glorious nine-hole “golf-course-in-a-forest”; it’s open from dawn to dusk.

9. Blue Heron Golf Club, Costa Rica

Dunn’s River is still more beautiful than most courses in Puerto Rico, but Blue Heron is raw, simple and very golfable. All-ometty courses in Las Vegas

10. Olympic Golf Club, Ireland

Tough to make the list, but no knock here. Ireland’s Olympic golf course is in Tralee and is the only course in Ireland with 18 holes.